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Unit Accumulator (Personal)

The unit accumulator is used for the purpose of saving N.O.D. clients large amount of interest on their mortgage(s) and loan(s), have their personal and/or business monthly expenses renegotiated and save money every month enabling them to quickly become debt free and generate instant income to pay for their current living expenses. This also creates new and growing revenue streams to help our clients realize early retirement plans in a matter of one to two years. This is accomplished by establishing a marketing strategy or advertising account and/or setting and meeting the minimum requirements for a number of the N.O.D.’s self-employment opportunities. Replace all your existing high interest high interest loans, mortgages and debts with 0% interest self financing. Secure preapproved 0% interest self financing now for your future loan(s) and mortgage(s) as well. Learn how the wealthy pays little to no interest for all their financing. You will never pay a single penny in interest with no hidden fees or strings attached, no credit check and no reporting. Everyone is approved! The N.O.D. will show you how to easily “Finance yourself first” and save thousands of dollars. A limited number of people will benefit from this limited time offer! A minimum of one unit must be purchased by the N.O.D. client within every 28 days based on if he or she is a full time student, who would pay $13.75 CDN, or a non student who would then pay $27.50 CDN. The N.O.D. client agrees that N.O.D. will determine if he or she qualifies for the student rate, at which time he or she will receive an e-mail confirmation regarding the student rate status. Unused units that a N.O.D. client accumulates can be sold at whatever price that he or she chooses.

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Pay $13.75 CDN*** Within every 28 days if you are considered as a full time a student.

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To make your offline payment(s), e-mail: inquiries[at]

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So what’s next?:

Once N.O.D. has received your payment and it has cleared N.O.D.’s bank account, N.O.D. will send out a package which will have everything that you need to get started. Just call the number that is included and you will be guided step by step to get started within just a few minutes.

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