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Unit Accumulator (Business)

If your business or non profit organization could include in its monthly budget only $250.00 CDN so that you could decrease your overall business’ operating expenses, would you do it? If your answer is your answer is yes, all you have to do is promote the N.O.D. service to all you clients/customers who spend money at and/or visits your business. Then every time your clients/customers pay to use the N.O.D. service, your business would earn a guaranteed net gain of 100% from each unit sold at retail from the ten units that you receive with your $250.00 monthly fee.

Sooner or later, you will need more units just to keep up with the increasing demand. In that case, all you need to do is contact the N.O.D. and you will be able to select from a number of inventory blocks that suits your needs. Units that your business accumulates each month guarantee your clients/customers a minimum savings of $500.00 CDN on any purchase(s) of $1,000.00 CDN or more. And now they can choose to have their personal and/or business monthly expenses renegotiated and save money every month! Due to the huge market appeal, almost everyone in the world can benefit from using the N.O.D. service and once a client tries the N.O.D. service, they naturally become a N.O.D. client for life. Just look at what the N.O.D. offers:

– Negotiations.

– Personal and business consulting.

– 100 to 3,900% guaranteed net gains.

– Guaranteed approval for 0% interest financing.

– 12 month debt and mortgage elimination plan.

– 12 month retirement plan.

– Guaranteed approval for 0% interest tuition funding and 12 month elimination plan for tuition debt.

– Consumer rip off protection.

– Personal shopping.

– Event planning and sponsoring.

– Account receivable management.

– Advertising and promotion.

– Learn how to negotiate.

Think of the new increased volume of prospective clients/customers that your existing clients/customers will create when they share their N.O.D. success stories. This will in turn open the opportunity to suggestive selling of your business’ products/services to the prospective clients/customers when they visit your business each time to pay to use the N.O.D. service! At this point it is virtually guaranteed that sooner of later those prospective clients/customers will buy something from your business and will also share their success stories about the N.O.D. to prospective clients/customers. During this time, your business will begin to realize a building number of priceless and powerful promoters essentially working for free of charge for your business!

To summarize, while your business is receiving a new and growing stream of revenue from the N.O.D., your overall business’ revenue will increase to record highs! The N.O.D. has created the newest, most simple, inexpensive and powerful advertising and promotion technique in the world! If you and your employees can distribute a N.O.D. flyer to each of your clients/customers, simply known as “micromarketing”, you would have accomplished everything you will need to do to benefit from the N.O.D.’s service. You and employees do not have to explain how the N.O.D.’s service’s work, try to sell the services or complete forms with your business’ clients/customers. Just redirect your clients/customers to the N.O.D. and we will handle virtually everything else.

Your competitors will not have a chance when your overall business operation expense reduces to only $250.00 CDN per month because of your decision to partner with the N.O.D.! Stop using expensive, and in most cases ineffective, conventional advertising techniques and switch to N.O.D. where you can take the extra revenue and place more efficient and effective ads, increasing your chances of more sales.

Still not convinced? Look at how your business can prosper by using the N.O.D. accumulator opportunity! How can your business not afford to pay a mere $250.00 CDN or less every 28 days in exchange for what this incredible opportunity can do for you? The N.O.D. unit accumulator opportunity is one of those rare services that have a very wide market appeal. It is extremely easy and inexpensive to set up and operate, which will allow your business to:

– Be competitive.

– Afford to provide higher wages and additional employment benefits so that you can retain and attract higher quality employees.

– Enjoy a new and unlimited income stream that will help with your business expansion.

– “Finance yourself first” at 0% interest rates, replace interest-baring loans and pay off debts early saving a lot of unnecessary interest charges.

– Increase the business’ value and goodwill.

– Reduce your operating expenses to $250.00 CDN every month.

– Save guaranteed hundreds and even thousands of dollars on major purchases.

– Buy the latest equipment so that you have a more efficient and profitable business.

– Renovate or enhance your business so that it attracts more clients/customers.

– Reduce the chances of your business from going under.

– Increase client/customer loyalty.

– Give accumulated units away as incentives and rewards to your employees.

– Give accumulated units away as gifts to family, friends, clients/customers.

– Benefit from word of mouth advertising since it is the most effective and inexpensive way to advertise.

– Increase overall revenues in two ways; attract clients/customers who would never have done business with your business before and earn a guaranteed minimum 100% retail gross profit on each unit sold to your clients/customers. In addition, with increased traffic to your business from the existing and new clients/customers to buy the units from your business, this will open the chance each time to suggestively sell products and services that you sell.

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So what’s next?:

Once the N.O.D. has received your payment and it has cleared the N.O.D.’s bank account, the N.O.D. will send out a package which will have everything that you need to get started. Just call the number that is included and you will be guided step by step to get started within just a few minutes.

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