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Within a matter of months, a growing number of students will be earning more money than they ever had in their lives just from promoting a solution that millions of future, present and past students are struggling with. What is it? The dreaded student loan. The government has been nice enough to provide the funding for students who wish to achieve higher education however, over the years things has changed:

– The cost of living has continued to increase.

– A growing number of university and college graduates are not landing the careers that they were educated for which has resulted in them settling for low paying jobs just to survive. The original plan was that the intended career would pay enough money to pay off the loan quickly or with minimal interest charges however, with a growing number of baby boomers staying at their careers longer than anticipated, the pool of careers has been reduced significantly.

– The cost of education has increased and for some, compounded interest charges has snowballed right out of control.

As a result, the country has seen rallies protesting the way the government has dealt with the realities of the changes in our economy. The fact is that the cost of higher education is steadily rising with no end in sight. Look at just a couple of many websites concerning skyrocketing tuition fees, click here and click here,. So what is really happening here? Well, the future does not look good at best for those who want to achieve higher education. And in 2008 over 40,000 students in just Ontario alone signed a petition demanding a rollback on tuition fees and to have them frozen.

Metro newspaper November 6, 2009
Page 6

“Day of Action” protesting students with the Canadian federation of students in 13 cities on Thursday, November 5, 2009 are calling for:

– employment insurance
– social assistance reform
– a liveable minimum wage
– good jobs for all
– reduced tuition

The Canadian federation of students says record- high student unemployment coupled with record high tuition fees have placed students in a particularly precarious position.

The Canadian press

N.O.D. has designed the solution to pay off tuition and almost all debts within 90 days saving thousands of dollars in interest charges and for those who are selected and complete the precontract requirements, will earn a guaranteed monthly salary of $5,000.00 CDN. And when a student exceeds the minimum production targets, they will earn even more. N.O.D. knows that when just a few students begin to reap the financial rewards, there will be a flood of students joining which will cause an explosion of income and employment opportunities for those who start before this happens. We are referring to getting started right now as N.O.D. has just launched this employment opportunity in 2014!

The timing could not be any better! We all have seen this story unfold many times with a number of well known companies that went on to international success where 90% of the people in the world, who are called the “trend followers”, tried to convince the remaining 10% of the people in the world, who are referred to as “trend leaders”, that they made a poor decision, were crazy and foolish for their decision to get involved with a company that had just introduced a new and widely unproven product or service into the market. However, all the facts proved very logical for the trend leaders.

When that product or service went main stream and the trend followers saw the trend leaders’ wealth multiply in front of their eyes, the trend followers then realized that they had made a big mistake and so they rushed to grab whatever money they could. In the end, those trend followers never got rich and they never will because it’s all about how they think. The most unlikely people, the trend leaders, become rich beyond their wildest dreams. Bottom line, N.O.D. is looking for trend leaders who are serious about their future and prepared to do what it takes to be successful. N.O.D. will assign a management team member to work closely with each quality candidate in order to ensure quick success.

If you can afford $25.00 or less per month over the next 90 days and be prepared to spread the good news that N.O.D. has created a guaranteed solution to pay off not only tuition debt but any debt over the next 90 days saving them unnecessary and very expensive interest charges, consider your debt(s) paid off! But before you get started, you will be shown mathematically the guaranteed 100% to 3,900%+ net gains that N.O.D. clients are enjoying right now. N.O.D. out performs the banks, the stock market and all other financial tools with its massive guaranteed net gains which means an explosion of opportunity, whether its money and/or career advancement, will become available for you to choose from.

If you honestly believe that you have a high level of intelligence, committed, consistent, outgoing, a people person, energetic, motivated, 18 years of age or older, a student and willing to learn from the best when it comes to quickly spreading this revolutionary solution to a large number of students, your success with N.O.D. is virtually guaranteed. Now keep in mind that if you can learn a single sentence to use to spread the word to every student that you come in contact with that has a student loan, your success with N.O.D. is virtually guaranteed. Virtually all our candidates finds this employment opportunity very easy to do so if are ready for the opportunity of a lifetime, get back in touch with the team member that told you about this opportunity so you can learn how to join the revolution today!