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Household Energy Expense Reduction

Reduce your monthly energy expenses with the help of one of N.O.D.’s household energy expense reduction specialists. For a small one time fee, an approximate 30%* or more reduction in your monthly energy expenses could add up to thousands of dollars for you in savings every year. You could use those savings to pay down your debt, go on a vacation or contribute to your wealth building strategy. And as the saying goes, “Money saved means money earned.”. It’s your money and you deserve to keep it.

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Financing is available.

* Percentage in savings is an average and only after a household energy expense reduction specialist has assessed your household expenses, your savings can be determined.

How to get started:

To arrange for a household energy expense reduction specialist to visit your home to conduct a quick assessment and provide to you documented recommendations, send an e-mail to: inquiries[at] and in the subject line write: “Household energy expense reduction” in order to get started immediately.