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Freedom Five Questionnaire



The global recession that we are emerging from is like no other and there is no doubt that it will change people’s future plans forever. Right now achievable financial dreams and goals for most people are slowly fading out of reach right in front of their eyes. And for those who earn less than $100K per year, they should be very concerned because the conventional world financial opportunities have changed for the worst! Over the next ten years, economic experts worldwide are projecting that less than a fraction of one percent of the middle class will rise to join the wealthy class and the majority will slide into the poor class.

The N.O.D. had concluded that the more time it takes to accumulate money by investing it into the markets (10, 20, 30 or more years) the higher the chances that one or more recessions and/or downturns in the economy can happen along the way to quickly wipe out profits and sometimes most of the money that was originally invested. This happens regularly to millions of people and chances are that you know someone who this has happened to. In addition, our world has evolved into where everything is instant, which is a growing minimum expectation, such as: fast food, information, entertainment, communications, divorce, wealth, etc., so it was natural to observe that more and more people are desperately seeking ways to achieve instant financial freedom younger than ever in the world’s history. Our generation is more sophisticated and educated than our previous generations who demands more control and with more control an outcome can be accurately predicted.

A growing number of us are refusing to wait till over 30 years of age or five years from starting a plan to enjoy financial freedom. It is no longer appealing to be so old that you can not be physical active enough to fully enjoy yourself. Now N.O.D. can not offer instant financial freedom, because that’s impossible, but it can offer the next best thing……guaranteed financial freedom within five years by using a plan that it created called Freedom Five. Complete the N.O.D. freedom five financial assessment questionnaire now to determine if you can be guaranteed by N.O.D. to avoid an almost certain financial catastrophe that is on the horizon for many. If you can afford $50.00 U.S. every month, get others, who meet the N.O.D.’s minimum standards, to complete the freedom five financial assessment questionnaire below and you use the N.O.D.’s negotiation service at every opportunity possible, the N.O.D. guarantees not only that you will never lose what you paid, but achieve financial security within five short years.

If the N.O.D. fails to meet its performance guarantee to negotiate for you a minimum $500.00 savings, you can choose to get refunded 100% of what you paid or you can allow the N.O.D. to provide future negotiation service(s) free of charge until the minimum $500.00 U.S./CDN guaranteed savings is realized. Now there is one very important point that you must understand before you begin. The reason why the N.O.D. can confidently boast that the freedom five plan is the only “fail proof” wealth building solution in the world is because the N.O.D.’s clients are not buying stocks, mutual funds or any market sensitive products. History has taught us that using any economic sensitive product has proved to be unstable and very costly. Why would you choose to build your financial future on an unstable platform? Well because there was nothing better to consider until now. Freedom five is a rock solid solution for guaranteed wealth accelerated accumulation.

If N.O.D. concludes, based on your submitted information, that it can guarantee financial freedom for you within five years from the day that you start by following the N.O.D.’s freedom five plan, you will be invited to buy units of the N.O.D.’s negotiation service monthly at a wholesale price and then the N.O.D. will sell your unused units for you at retail prices, at a “guaranteed 100% net profit”, to the rapidly growing “casual client base” who decides to try out the N.O.D. to save money just like the N.O.D.’s clients who referred them. And once they enjoy the savings that the N.O.D. promises, they will become regular users of N.O.D.’s negotiation service and refer others which means repeat and compounded 100% profits for you! The N.O.D.’s freedom five plan is 100% safe, secure and most of all guaranteed!

Your dream for financial freedom within five years will come true because of the N.O.D.’s rock solid three layer foundation:

1) You will never lose the money that you paid to the N.O.D.. How? As long as you use the N.O.D.’s negotiation service, the savings that you will realize every year on average will exceed the money that you paid to the N.O.D. every year.

2) If the N.O.D.’s performance to negotiate savings for you falls below what is promised, you can choose to exercise the N.O.D.’s 100% money back guarantee.

3) By following the N.O.D.’s freedom five plan, you will enjoy a minimum guaranteed 100% profits to achieve financial freedom within five years.

Using the freedom five plan to realize your financial success can be summarized into three easy steps; Pay, Use and Tell. There is nothing like this in the whole world. All your submitted information to the N.O.D. is handled with the strictest confidentiality. But before you begin, take a moment to learn the three steps that the N.O.D. uses to provide the negotiation service by clicking here.

There are two ways you can open an account with N.O.D.:

1) At no cost, complete the online questionnaire below and then a N.O.D. representative will call you to recommend to you a N.O.D. service that will best suit your needs.  Please have your credit card and a valid e-mail address ready before a N.O.D. representative calls you.

2) For a cost of $100.00 Canadian, which will be credited towards the cost to use N.O.D.’s services in the future, a N.O.D. representative will complete the online process, starting with the questionnaire, with you over the phone and then recommend to you a N.O.D. service that will best suit your needs.  Please call N.O.D. at 1-888-663-6602, select extension number 3, leave your first and last name, telephone number(s) and the best time to contact you.  Please have your credit card and a valid e-mail address ready before a N.O.D. representative returns your call.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete the freedom five financial assessment questionnaire! After reviewing your information, if it is determined that N.O.D. can guarantee that you can achieve financial freedom in five years or less, one of our associates will be calling you by phone to speak and/or arrange to meet with you to show you how.

Your plan and/or any special offers will terminate with no refund to you if your client agreement and/or any other paperwork is not fully completed and received by head office within 30 days of your pending activation. Rates and fees can change without advance warning. Applicable taxes are extra.

At the N.O.D.’s discretion, a premium risk fee may be added to the minimum required monthly payment after the screening process and/or previous experience(s) with the client has been completed.