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Event Promotions

By simply and subtly promoting the N.O.D. at your next at your next showcase or event, you have the opportunity to double your budget. Your special event, birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, baby shower, retirement, grand opening or any event where you plan to have a large gathering of people, can become an extravaganza by simply doubling your spending budget. Here’s an example of how the N.O.D. promotion opportunity works: You plan to spend $4,500.00 for your event, once you meet N.O.D.’s minimum requirements they will match your spending budget by giving you $4,500.00 more for a total of $9,000.00! A minimum of 200 confirmed attending Canadian guests, a $2,500.00 minimum budget and establishing your account with N.O.D. 30 days in advance are needed to be eligible, but considering costs for location rental, catering, promotional handouts, etc, $2,500.00 does not last long. And don’t forget that N.O.D. provides event planning and will negotiate the costs for all the things that you will need for it be a success. If your next event meets the few minimum requirements stated above, simply contact N.O.D. no less than 30 days in advance at: inquiries[at] and write in the subject line “Event Promotions” to get complete details and super size your event today!

Fees can change without advance warning. Applicable taxes are extra.