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Advertising Ownership

Recover all the advertising dollars that your business had ever spent by upgrading from renting to ownership starting today!



Why would you rent conventional and expensive advertising when you can own superior advertising at a fraction of the cost only with N.O.D.?


The money that you pay for the place where you live, your car, and if you are in business, advertising which all, in most cases, will be the highest expenses you will ever encounter. All these expenses, if you rent them, can become very expensive just after a few short months. N.O.D.’s one of a kind in the world advertising ownership opportunity empowers its clients to:


If I was a customer/client who wanted to buy a product(s) and/or service(s) for at least $1,000.00 CDN at a volume discount saving me hundreds or even thousands of dollars, would this be important to me?


The volume discount group (V.D.G.), which represents N.O.D.’s growing clientele, is a gold mine for your business to realize ongoing increases in revenue that you can bank on. Start today and N.O.D. will link its website with your website or webpage and for maximum exposure, place your ad in N.O.D.’s magazine. Benefit from the power of word of mouth, which is the key to N.O.D.’s runaway success, as excited and loyal N.O.D.’s clients spread the word about N.O.D. to others by simply sharing their own N.O.D. success stories. The fact is that almost everyone, everywhere can greatly benefit from using N.O.D.’s revolutionary negotiation services and solutions allowing your business access to N.O.D.’s global market appeal.


“Once a N.O.D. client, always a N.O.D. client.” Your customer/client must purchase N.O.D.’s services and solutions through your business which will increase your existing revenue stream and create a new, growing and limitless revenue stream 24 hours, 7 days a week. How? 1) Suggestive selling opportunities every time to new customers/clients who have never spent money at your business in the past and probably never would have until your business uses N.O.D.’s advertising ownership opportunity and your existing customers/clients who walk in and/or contacts your business. 2) Compensation paid to your business every time your growing number of customers/clients pays N.O.D. to use its services and solutions. Even when your business is closed, growing revenues are still earned for your business through N.O.D.!


With a new, growing and limitless revenue stream, your business can not only reduce its overall monthly operating expense to as low as $125.00 CDN, but can go on to exceed the revenues that your business generates.


Effortlessly open your business’ account and then advertise your business with N.O.D. for only a fraction of the cost rather than using conventional and expensive advertising methods. Next, use the simple N.O.D.’s advertising ownership strategy to create a new, growing and limitless revenue stream all within 24 business hours! Now with no geographic advertising limitations, finally your business’ revenue potential is truly endless!


If there was a way that my business could advertise more inexpensively than it does now which would increase the volume of new and existing customers/clients in order to realize a growth in existing revenue and create a new, growing and limitless stream of revenue and reduce my business’ overall operating expenses to a tiny fixed cost, would I start using N.O.D.’s advertising ownership opportunity right now before my competitors beats my business to it? Based on all your answers, wouldn’t you agree that N.O.D.’s advertising ownership opportunity is a must have for your business?


Does the current method of advertising that your business pays for or is considering, offers all the benefits that N.O.D.’s advertising ownership opportunity offers?

Not even close! By using, only when needed, N.O.D.’s advertising ownership opportunity, your business can reduce its advertising expenses, increase its existing revenue stream and create a new, growing and limitless revenue stream by increasing the volume of traffic to your business and at the same time reduce overall monthly operating expenses to as low as $125.00 CDN per month, your business’ profits will increase tremendously.

N.O.D. responds to the recession!

Has your business’ sales slowed, plunged or is it in danger of going out of business because of the recession? For 90 days, try out “N.A.O.O. basic”, for a guaranteed solution to generate record profits, for free and with no obligation. N.A.O.O. basic allows you to distribute a flyer produced by N.O.D. with your unique code to your customers/clients to see if they will use the N.O.D. negotiation service. If they pay to use it, your business will receive compensation each time and for everyone they refer to N.O.D.. This is the start of a lifetime revenue stream with no limitations on how much can be earned by your business. After 90 days you can decide if you want to fully activate N.A.O.O. or not costing your business nothing. Your business will keep any commissions that was paid within the 90 day trial period with no strings attached. Yes! Fortunes can be made in bad economic times and a growing number of people and businesses are flourishing with N.O.D.’s superior solutions. A one time fee of only $125.00 CDN is needed to set up your business’ account and will become a credit only redeemable with N.O.D.. The credit then can be used for N.O.D.’s negotiation service saving your business a guaranteed minimum of $500.00 CDN!

How to get started:

Ask how to open your “pay as you go” account online for as low as $125.00 CDN every 28 day cycle for each of your business locations or the provinces/states that your business wants to advertise in. Click here to view the N.A.O.O. agreement. Or choose to open your “pay as you go” account offline, and additional fees will apply. Send an e-mail to: inquiries[at] and in the subject line write: “Advertising ownership” in order to get started immediately.